DAS Antennas

698 - 4200 MHz 5 dBi Omni Ceiling Antenna

Model: XJS-SP-C0642-5V

Freq.: 698-4200 MHz

Gain: 5 dBi

VSWR: ≤1.5

HPBWv: 60°

Polarization: Vertical

  • Innovative mounting accessories for easier installation
  • Ultra-thin, more space saving, reduce transportation costs


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Features of Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

●698-4200MHz 5dBi Ceiling Antenna

●Good quality ABS radome

●4G LTE/5G applications

●Ultra wide frequency range

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

Introduction to Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna

This DAS Indoor Wireless Ceiling antenna is a compact 5G/4G LTE SISO Dome antenna with high performance and low VSWR in the frequency range of 698-4200MHz for distributed antenna systems (DAS) to solve building coverage problems. In addition to its good performance in the operating frequency band of 5G/4G LTE, it can also cover 3G and 2G frequency bands, which can meet the needs of most users around the world and help the majority of users solve indoor signal coverage problems. At the same time, its innovative installation firmware and beautiful appearance make it a more suitable choice for individual users.

This antenna uses low-loss RG141 coaxial cable and pure copper connectors to ensure high efficiency of the antenna. Smaller size and thinner thickness, higher cost performance, make it more popular with distributors.

XJS Technology offers customized cable lengths, cable types and connector types. Contact us for support, your satisfaction is our greatest honor.

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

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Details of Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

●ABS Radome  ●RG141 Cable Length: 30cm  ●N Female Connector

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

●Spring Clamps: eaiser to install ●Thick ABS radome

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

●Spring Clamp  Connector is customized  ●SMA Male  ●N Male  ●N Female

Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna: Package Detail

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

How to Install Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna?

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

Step 1: cut hole in the ceiling according to the antenna size

Step 2: connect cable to the antenna

Step 3: pull up the spring clamps before inserting the antenna into the hole

Step 4: insert the antenna into the hole vertically and slowly

Step 5: the spring clamps are clipped back

Indoor Omni Ceiling Antenna

Improve the network signal in your house and office with XJS Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna

What is Omni Directional Wifi Antenna?

The omni directional wifi antenna is one of the commonly used antenna in the wireless communication system. The omni directional wifi antenna is engineered to transmit and receive signals in all directions, providing 360-degree coverage in the horizontal plane. In other words, it is able to radiate or intercept radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields equally well in all horizontal directions in a flat, two-dimensional (2D) geometric plane. The omni antenna pattern usually is a circular or spherical pattern.

What Frequencies Does 698-4200mhz Omni Antenna Use?

This mode of 698-4200mhz omni antenna uses 698-4200 MHz frequency.

How Far Will An Omni Antenna Reach?

The omni antenna usually can reach up to 1 mile in the ideal conditions. If you want to know the coverage of the 698-4200mhz omni antenna, you can consult XJS to learn more product infor.

What is An 698-4200mhz Omni Antenna Used for?

The 698-4200mhz omni antenna can be used in many applications such as 5G, LTE, CDMA, LPWAN/IoT/M2M applications including LoRA, LTE-M, and NB-IOT. This 698-4200mhz omni antenna also meets the most demanding PIM requirements for 5G and LTE/4G bands. Therefore, it would be a useful equipment in the communication system.

Is Omni Directional Antenna Better?

As a matter of fact, it depends on what application you determine to implement. The omni antenna has a better performance in applications that require a wide reception range.



Frequency Range

698 - 4200 MHz 


5 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth(3dB)


Vertical Beamwidth(3dB)





≤ 1.5


50 Ω   


N-Female or Customized

Max. Power

50 W 

Lightning Protection

DC Ground


Φ 189 x 33 mm


0.2 kg

Operating Temperature


Radome Material



Spring Clamp Installation


Details about 698-4200mhz Omni Antenna

698-4200mhz Omni Antenna

What are the Features of 698-4200 Mhz Omni Antenna?

This 698-4200 mhz omni antenna operates across a broad frequency range, spanning from 698 MHz to 4200 MHz. This extensive coverage makes it suitable for a wide range of wireless applications, from mobile networks to broadband services.

The 698-4200 mhz omni antenna has a gain of 5dBi, which ensures the excellent signal reception and transmission capabilities. Whether you're looking to improve signal strength or expand your network's coverage area, our antenna has you covered.

Also, the 698-4200 mhz omni antenna offers a full 360° horizontal beamwidth, ensuring seamless omnidirectional coverage. It's perfect for scenarios where you need consistent connectivity in all directions.

This 698-4200 mhz omni antenna features vertical polarization, which is well-suited for various communication environments and helps minimize interference.

The XJS-SP-C0642-5 698-4200 mhz omni antenna can handle a maximum power of 50 W, providing the stability and reliability you need for your communication network.

What are the Uses of 698-4200mhz Omni Antenna?

  • LPWAN, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, IoT, M2M applications
  • In-building cellular networks
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi applications
  • Public safety
  • 3.5 GHz Band Applications
  • Wireless LAN systems & IEEE 802.11n & 802.16e Applications