Dish Antennas

4.8 - 6.5 GHz 33 dBi MIMO Dish Antenna

Model: TDD-4865-33

Freq.: 4800-6500 MHz

Gain: 33 dBi

VSWR: ≤1.8

HPBWH: 3.4°

HPBWV: 3.4°

Polarization: ±45°

  • Innovative mounting accessories for easier installation
  • Compact in size, save shipping cost
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5ghz Dish Antenna

The model TDD-4865-33 is a compact high performance 5GHz MIMO parabolic antenna with a high gain of 33dBi, suitable for outdoor long-distance point-to-point (PTP)signal transmission to solve the problem of receiving or transmitting long-distance signals. XJS Technology uses a new design that makes the antenna smaller than many other antennas on the market, but at the same time maintains high gain and high performance. The antenna has a wide frequency band and maintains good operation in the frequency range of 4800 to 6500MHz. This antenna uses ±45° polarization mode, which ensures the stable transmission of signals with less loss during signal transmission.

The antenna, which uses a pure copper SMA connector, is equipped with two 40cm low loss RG141 jumper cables. With good quality, it is favored by customers.

In terms of installation details, XJS technology has made more humanistic consideration for parts, making installation faster and more convenient, and improving users' experience of use.

5ghz Dish Antenna

5ghz Dish Antenna

5ghz Dish Antenna

5ghz Dish Antenna

5ghz Dish Antenna

wifi dish antenna



Frequency Range

4800 - 6500 MHz


33 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth(3dB)


Vertical Beamwidth(3dB)



± 45° 

F/B Ratio

≥ 45 dB


≤ 1.8 


50 Ω   


2 x SMA

Max. Power

50 W 

Lightning Protection

DC Ground


720 x 720 x 195 mm 


14 kg/2 Pcs

Operating Temperature


Wind Loading

126 m/s 


Pole Mount

  • Disaster recovery and rapid deployment of applications
  • Campus and Academic Facilities
  • High-power, long-distance point-to-point applications
  • Municipal and Government Facilities
  • Wireless Internet Providers and ISPs
  • Security monitor