DAS Antennas

698 - 2700 MHz 5 dBi Omni Ceiling Antenna

Model: XJS-SP-C0627-5V

Freq.: 698-2700 MHz

Gain: 5 dBi

VSWR: ≤1.5

HPBWv: 60°

Polarization: Vertical

  • Innovative mounting accessories for easier installation
  • 4G LTE applications


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What are the Features of Omni Ceiling Antenna

This DAS Indoor Wireless Ceiling antenna is a 4G LTE SISO Dome antenna with high performance and low VSWR in the frequency range of 698-2700MHz for distributed antenna systems (DAS) to solve building coverage problems. In addition to its good performance in the operating frequency band of 4G LTE, it can also cover 3G and 2G frequency bands, which can meet the needs of most users around the world and help the majority of users solve indoor signal coverage problems. At the same time, its innovative installation firmware and beautiful appearance make it a more suitable choice for individual users.

This antenna uses low-loss coaxial cable and pure copper connectors to ensure high efficiency of the antenna. 

XJS Technology offers customized cable lengths, cable types and connector types. Contact us for support, your satisfaction is our greatest honor.

Benefits of Investing Omni Ceiling Antenna

Designed to enhance signal reception and extend coverage, this omni ceiling antenna is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from LPWAN and IoT to in-building cellular networks and public safety systems.

With its impressive frequency range of 698 MHz to 2700 MHz, the XJS-SP-C0627-5V omnidirectional ceiling antenna ensures seamless connectivity across multiple wireless bands, providing you with uninterrupted communication in any environment. Whether you're utilizing LPWAN, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, or M2M applications, this antenna is your trusted companion, delivering exceptional performance.

Equipped with a remarkable gain of 5 dBi, this omnidirectional ceiling antenna boosts signal strength, amplifying your connectivity and reducing the risk of dropped calls or slow data speeds. Say goodbye to frustrating dead zones and hello to seamless coverage throughout your space.

It is designed with an N-Female connector, so it gives you an easy omni ceiling antenna installation guide. Also, custom connector options are available, so it offers flexibility to suit your specific requirements.



Frequency Range

698 - 2700 MHz 


5 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth(3dB)


Vertical Beamwidth(3dB)





≤ 1.5


50 Ω   


N-Female or Customized

Max. Power

50 W 

Lightning Protection

DC Ground


Φ 185 x 90 mm


0.3 kg

Operating Temperature


Radome Material



Ceiling Mount


  • LPWAN, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, IoT, M2M applications
  • In-building cellular networks
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi applications
  • Public safety