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5 GHz 20 dBi Panel Antenna

Model: TDP-5158-20
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What are the Features of 20dbi Panel Antennas?

The 20dbi panel antennas can be the connnection between you and the network world. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a professional network engineer, or a business owner seeking exceptional signal strength and coverage, TDP-5158-20 20dbi panel antennas are here to empower your connectivity needs.

20dbi panel antenna boasts an impressive frequency range of 5150 - 5850 MHz. This wide spectrum ensures seamless operation across diverse applications, from home networks to enterprise-level setups.

With a remarkable 20dBi gain, the panel antenna elevates your signal strength, allowing you to reach greater distances and achieve superior data transfer speeds. Say goodbye to signal dropouts and hello to reliability and efficiency.

The 20dbi panel antennas feature a 40° horizontal and 8° vertical beamwidth, ensuring laser-like focus on your desired coverage area. This precision allows you to minimize interference and make the most of your wireless signal.

20dbi panel antennas employ vertical polarization to maximize your signal reception, enhancing its effectiveness in various environments. Be it in urban settings or rural landscapes, you can count on our 20dbi panel antennas to deliver the performance you need.

Are Panel Antennas Directional?

Yes, they are. The panel antennas are engineered to focus their signal transmission and reception in a specific direction, which is often referred to as their "beamwidth."

How Much Distance Does A Directional Antenna Cover?

The distance that a 5ghz wifi panel antenna can cover depends on several factors, including the type of antenna, its gain, the frequency of operation, and the characteristics of the environment in which it is used. Typically, the 20dbi panel antennas may has a 1300 feet coverage distance.



Frequency Range

5150 - 5850 MHz


20 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth(3dB)


Vertical Beamwidth(3dB)




≤ 1.5


50 Ω   

F/B Ratio

≤ 27 dB



Max. Power

100 W 

Lightning Protection

DC Ground


306 x 306 x 30 mm 


2.6 kg

Operating Temperature


Wind Loading

210 km/h


Pole Mount

What are the Applications of 20dbi Panel Antenna?

  • 5.1/5.3/5.4/5.8 GHz Wireless LAN systems
  • IEEE 802.11a/n applications
  • MIMO applications
  • WiMAX, WISP, WiFi, mobile communication and cell-sites
  • Security monitor
  • Point-to-multipoint applications