Dish Antennas

1710 - 2700 MHz 24 dBi MIMO Dish Antenna

Model: TDD-1727-24HV

Freq.: 1710-2700 MHz

Gain: 24 dBi

VSWR: ≤1.8



Polarization: Horizontal+Vertical

  • Innovative mounting accessories for easier installation
  • High F/B ratio
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Introduction to 1710-2700 Mhz Dish Antenna

The model TDD-1727-24HV 1710-2700 mhz dish antenna is a popular MIMO parabolic antenna of XJS technology. It has the characteristics of high gain(24dBi) and high front to back ratio. It can maintain high performance in the frequency range of 1710-2700MHz and is suitable for outdoor remote point-to-point(PTP) 4G LTE signal transmission to solve the problem of remote signal reception or transmission. XJS technology uses 2.0mm thick paraboloid, sufficient material, make the antenna durable.

This antenna uses pure copper N-Female connector and is equipped with two low-loss RG141 jumper cables to reduce signal transmission loss and ensure high performance of the antenna.

In terms of installation details, XJS technology has made more humanistic consideration for parts, making installation faster and more convenient, and improving users' experience of use.

Over the years, with good antenna quality and professional service, XJS Technology has been favored by customers.

Benefits of Using 1710-2700 Mhz Dish Antenna

Equipped with a high gain of 24 dBi, our 1710-2700 mhz dish antenna guarantees superior signal strength and enhanced coverage, empowering you to stay connected even in challenging environments. Whether you're seeking to boost your network's reach or enhance data transmission capabilities, this antenna is a perfect choice.

Thanks to its precisely engineered horizontal and vertical beamwidths of 8° (3dB), this antenna ensures highly focused signal transmission in both directions. By effectively minimizing interference and maximizing signal efficiency, you can expect exceptional network performance and reliable connectivity.

With a dual polarization configuration (H+V), the 1710-2700 mhz dish antenna enables seamless transmission and reception of signals in various orientations. This versatility ensures consistent performance and supports the demanding requirements of modern wireless networks.

Built to withstand the harshest environments, this internet dish antenna is designed with resilience in mind. Its rugged construction, combined with the ability to operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -35℃ to +50℃, ensures reliable performance even in extreme conditions. Additionally, the DC Ground lightning protection feature safeguards your investment, giving you peace of mind during inclement weather.



Frequency Range

1710 - 2700 MHz


24 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth(3dB)

Vertical Beamwidth(3dB)



F/B Ratio

≥ 28 dB


≤ 1.8 


50 Ω   


2 x N-Female

Max. Power

50 W 

Lightning Protection

DC Ground


Dia.900 mm 


12 kg

Operating Temperature


Wind Loading

140 km/h 


Pole Mount


  •  Adjustable dual polarity feed horn systems
  •  1700-2700MHz applications
  •  4G LTE applications
  •  MIMO and 802.11n applications
  •  Long distance backhaul and Point to Point data links