With the rapid development of network technology, the network has greatly increased the convenience of people's lives. For the modern society that pursues efficiency, the network has become indispensable.

However, wired communication is affected by the terrain and cannot be laid arbitrarily; while wireless communication has a large coverage and is almost not limited by the geographical environment.

When laying wired communication, it is necessary to dig trenches and wire, which requires a large cost investment, and the number of cables is fixed, and the communication capacity is limited.

As an essential component in wireless communication systems, antennas have helped countless people connect to the Internet.

Smart Farms


Feeding a growing world population requires smarter agricultural solutions to help farmers increase productivity, maintain resources and maximize yields. IoT technology is transforming modern agriculture.

From remote crop monitoring to animal health and activity tracking, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) help automate production and data collection, enabling farmers and ranchers to optimize agricultural operations.

LoRa-powered smart farming solutions have been used by farmers around the world to increase productivity.

XJS technology has corresponding antennas, which can be applied to smart farms to help farms improve production efficiency and increase crop yields.